Kitah Vav (6th grade) Update May 16, 2012

From Mirit Mizrachi, Kitah Vav teacher


            On Youm Salaam/Yom Shalom, students across Kehilla School participated in a variety of activities around peace and justice in Israel/Palestine. For their Hebrew lesson, leading up to that day, the class learned the lyrics of “Lo Yisa Goi” and, along with another class, performed it at Tefilah. Kitah Vav helped with a large-scale artwork including their visions of peace, learned to write their names in Arabic, and listened to a presentation by Mona Halaby, a Palestinian educator, about her family’s history and about school in the occupied West Bank.


            The following class, the students had a visit from two staff of the Bay Area Midrasha, who facilitated the class on that day. They learned about the creative activities available at the Midrasha and had a group conversation about social issues that affect them. At the end of class, we had a bit of time together where we processed Mona’s presentation from the previous week and caught up the students who were absent on that day.


            On our last class together, we did a group text study of Leviticus 19:34 (“You shall treat the stranger as your own,  and you shall love him as you love yourself, remembering that you were strangers in the Land of Egypt”). We did Hebrew as a group, and students volunteered to read the text aloud, then broke into small groups to discuss key words in the verse and their translations. We came back in together to talk about the message of the text and how its wisdom can be practiced in our daily lives.


I have grown so much along with the class over the past few months, since coming to teach in the middle of the term. I would not have gotten through it as smoothly as I did without the students’ eagerness to learn and support me in teaching. I am immensely proud of Kitah Vav and looking forward to the graduation this Thursday.

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