Kitah Alef-Bet Update April 30th 2012

Friends and Families of Kitah Aleph and Kitah Bet;
I hope you enjoyed your Pesach Break and having the opportunity to share time and meals with family and friends.  I hope you also had a chance to enjoy the Journey of Exodus – from slavery in Egypt to the crossing of the Red Sea in your Story of Moses Books. As we continue in the holiday cycle we symbolically continue this journey and our times of wandering in the desert, awaiting the 10 Commandments and entrance into Jerusalem, the city of PEACE – Y’Ru-Sha-layeem.
As we wander, searching for and awaiting entrance to, a city of Peace, we all work to make the world a more peaceful place.  Sometimes we do this with our Mitzvot (good deeds/following commandments), Gimlut Chasadim (acts of loving kindness), Tzedakah (acting as a righteous person – bringing justice into being), and sometimes we do this through study and turning study into practice.  This next week we will have the opportunity to look deeper at what it means to have a “City of Peace” as we here at Kehillah through study, exploration, cultural bridges, creativity, and action have Yom Shalom, Yom Salaam…a day for peace and understanding to bring us closer to the time when the circles of Peace may spread out from a place of Peace….
May these circles of peace and understanding emanate out from our own lives to transform the world around us,
Shalom – Peace,
Teacher Lisa Jean (: and Rachel
P.S. Here is your homework for the next 2 weeks:
Please practice the Morning Blessing that was sent home with your student…ideally so they can do it without the paper…but they are welcome to use it if necessary! We have been working on this in class all spring and they have just been given their individual parts…much excitement and trepidation!
The entire blessing is on the back of the sheet.  The front of the sheet has the verse that we are all doing together and then a numbered verse which is the verse that that student is responsible for leading in order….We will be presenting this at the first Tefillah in May – please feel free to stay for the first 10 minutes to see your students lead the group in this blessing that has not been a part of our Tefillah yet this year….
Thank you again for all of your support through out the year.
P.P.S. I added money to our Tzedakah to bring the total to an even $30 and we donated the money for tree planting in an area of the Midwest that was hit by tornados.  Our first tzedakah collection went to feed the hungry…our third will do something for animals – so if you have a good organization to donate to please send in your suggestions!

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