Hinei mah tov u’ma naim shevet kulanu gam yachad—how good and how pleasant it is to be together! These words, an adaptation of a verse from Psalm 133, have been running through my mind as I look ahead to the coming Kehilla School year. I have been so impressed with the persistence and resilience of our community over the past year, as we all adapted to learning remotely. We also know that it was not without challenge and we’re very excited to be together in person again. We have worked with our Public Health advisors to make a plan for the coming school year, based on our values of community, accessibility, and student-centered learning, and we’re pleased to be able to share it with all of you.

Returning to In-Person Learning

Our plan is to return to in-person learning with the start of our 2021-22 school year. Our school year will begin on September 23rd, after Yom Kippur, and we will continue to meet on Thursdays from 4-6pm. For the full 2021-22 Kehilla School calendar*, please visit our website. We can’t wait to play, learn, and sing together! 

*6th grade families: save the date for the 6th grade retreat on October 29-31.

Beginning Our Year Outdoors

We’ll be largely outdoors (either at or near the Kehilla building—more info to come)  and masked until students in our Kehilla School age group can be vaccinated. The one big unknown in this plan is air quality, since in the event of a bad fire season, we’ll need to meet on Zoom while smoke persists. We are also aware that the return to in-person gatherings may bring a wide range of feelings, from excitement to nervousness and beyond, and we’re here to talk through any concerns or questions you may have. 

Vaccination Requirement

We are requiring that all Kehilla School staff who can safely get the vaccine do so. Once students are eligible, we’ll also be requiring documentation of vaccination for all students who can be safely vaccinated. Parents of any student who needs a medical exemption or other accommodation should be in touch with me. When we surpass the threshold for community immunity (though vaccination) that our public health advisors recommend, we’ll take class back indoors. 

Need to Discuss an Accommodation? Get In Touch!

We know that this return to in-person learning will come with added complexity for our community members with health concerns and those who live at a significant distance from Kehilla. We are committed to making learning accessible and safe in any way we can, so please be in touch as soon as possible if you need to discuss accommodations for your child/ren. 

Returning families should already have received an email from Michael Saxe-Taller, our Executive Director, about membership renewal and Kehilla School enrollment for the coming year. If you haven’t, let us know! Registration opens July 1st; make sure to renew your membership and complete your Kehilla School enrollment by August 1st to take advantage of our Early Bird tuition discount.

More questions? Please contact:

Rabbi Gray Myrseth, Director of Youth Programs
Natalie Boskin, Youth Programs Coordinator
Email: natalie@kehillasynagogue.org