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Kehilla’s Little Free Library


Thanks to the collaboration of several congregants, Kehilla is now the proud owner of a Free Little Library that stands at the bottom of the stairs, at the main entrance to the building.

It all started when Amy Bat Tziporah offered to donate the handmade library to the community. The task of decorating it was then taken up by four artists – Dvora Gordon, Barbara Haber, Luz Honea and Raul D’Mauries made our little library the colorful, vibrant art piece that stands at our entrance! Bob Olken then worked with Josef, Kehilla staff member, to install the library, and Amy Shutkin helped guide fill it with books – and voilà, we have yet another fantastic community resource!

So what do we do now?
You can bring books to the little library whenever there is room. They should be the kind of books that you think will interest the wider community – books in good condition and not textbooks. You can browse the current collection, and borrow anything that captures your fancy! When possible, trade the books you take with books you donate. If you end up bringing a book back, or passing it along to another reader – well, it’s all part of the circle of books.

A big, big thank you to the team that made this happen. May the Kehilla community, and the community at large, enjoy Kehilla’s Little Free Library!

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