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Kehilla’s Legacy Society

Create-a-Jewish-LegacyWe are pleased to acknowledge our growing community of donors to the Legacy Society at Kehilla.

In partnership with the Jewish Community Foundation of The East Bay’s Create a Jewish Legacy program, Kehilla’s Legacy Society has grown to 39 members who are naming Kehilla as a beneficiary. Kehilla is creating an endowment for future generations to come.  The value of the commitments Is over $1,400,000.  The current members of the Legacy Society include:

  • Noam Birnbaum
  • Laura Boxer
  • Lynn Bravewomon
  • Sandy Bredt
  • Wendy Buffett
  • Kaia Burkett
  • Marjorie Cox
  • Barbara Cohen and Allen Price
  • Ron Cohen
  • Rabbi Diane Elliot and Rabbi Burt Jacobson
  • Nancy Feinstein and Glenn Shor
  • Shoshana Finacom
  • Susan Freundlich
  • Dvora Gordon
  • Ruth and Jay Koch
  • Joel Kreisberg
  • Ruthie and Jon Levin
  • Simone Masson
  • Irene and David* McPhail
  • Richard Miles and Michelle Roland
  • Julie Nesnansky
  • Rabbi Dev Noily
  • Julie Patrusky
  • Kristina Peterson
  • Ilana Schatz
  • Ralph Silber
  • Cathy Steirn
  • Bracha and Don Stone
  • Hedy Straus
  • Beth Weinberger
  • One anonymous donor

* Z’’l – of blessed memory

To learn more about the Legacy Society contact any of the Legacy Team at (Lynn Bravewomon, Noam Birnbaum, Kaia Burkett, Susan Freundlich,  Joel Kreisberg, Rabbi Dev Noily, or Michael Saxe-Taller)

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