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Kehilla’s Folks With White Privilege Affinity Group

The next meeting of Kehilla’s Folks With White Privilege Affinity Group is Thursday, May 7th, 7-9pm — likely on zoom, or else in the Fireside Room.

Everyone who identifies as white is welcome, we’d love to have you, whether or not you have ever attended these meetings before. Questions? Contact Susan.

 And here’s our suggested Homework for May 7th:

1 — Social justice round-table guidelines as homework

2 — What not to say to Jews of Color

3 — TED TALK: A Model of leveraging white privilege

4 – We’re again suggesting folks try this exercise for the next 2 months!: Whenever you’re talking about doing something with white Jews, SAY ‘my white Jewish ‘ friend instead of ‘my Jewish’ friend (etc.) in conversation .  See how defining the Jewish friend as white highlights the fact that some Jews are NOT white — but  that often our assumption is that all Jews are white. Notice how this feels when you do it, and notice how others respond!

And, as always, please meet with your buddy (phone is great, or you can sign up for a free zoom account for video chat) and discuss these or anything else that’s coming up for you!

We are hoping you are all staying safe and send our love and support in this difficult time, and hope to see you May 7th.


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