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Kehilla Staff Transition

Dear Beloved Kehilla Friends,

I am writing to you with news of a bittersweet change for me. I want to let you know that I will soon be moving out of the Bay Area. I have been having some health challenges and am fortunate to have the opportunity to spend some time in Hawaii where I can breathe very fresh air.

The hardest part of leaving is knowing that I will miss all the wonderful people I have met while living and teaching here. The opportunity to serve the Kehilla Community as teacher, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program Director and Spiritual Leader has deeply enriched my life in so many realms. Growing up, I was fortunate to have received a rich Jewish home life, however, I never felt at home in Jewish institutions until I found Kehilla. I am forever grateful for the experiences I’ve had here and am comforted by the fact that I will carry Kehilla with me wherever I go.

As Kehilla goes through leadership transitions, the wonders of technology will allow me continue as Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program Director with reduced hours. I will be in close contact with Rabbi Dev and our Youth Programs Coordinator Natalie Boskin. I will also be available to all of you through phone, email and Skype/Facetime.

As many of know you, I teach yoga-based movement with an alignment and wellness-based focused and I will be continuing to develop this work. Along with teacher group and private classes, I post short videos and occasionally blog. To find out more, I invite you to sign up for my email list at You can also follow me on Facebook at Raziyoga or reach me directly at

Before I leave, there will be a few opportunities to visit and chat; On Sunday,

July 9, 5:30-7:00pm I will be teaching my last public yoga class at Oakland Yoga Studio, 4 Yosemite Ave. All are welcome. July 15 come meet me at the fabulous Kehilla Retreat where I’ll be participating in the Shabbat morning service leadership and soaking up the sun for the rest of the day. Sunday, July 16 1-4pm come enjoy the outdoors with me at Lake Merritt on the grassy area near the intersection of Bellevue Ave and Staten Ave.

Thank you so much for making Kehilla such a wonderful place to learn and grow.

Sandra Razieli

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