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Kehilla Section in Mountain View Cemetery

WE DID IT!!! Kehilla Community Synagogue has an official final resting place for purchasing members. Known as Plot 70, this section has a total of 49 graves and is bounded by two Live Oak trees. It is on a crest overlooking part of the cemetery with rolling hills, old monuments, and the water in the distance. It is lovely, local, and ours.

As many of you may recall, a cemetery survey was sent out last November and heralded the beginning of our most active discussions with Mt. View staff. The result was a three-stage plan covering a total of six years. If at the end of that time, we had not sold 30 graves to our congregation, Mt. View would be able to reserve the right to sell the remaining graves in Plot 70 to the general public. To our delight and amazement, 47 of the 48 graves sold within 90 days! This means that purchasing congregants were able to take advantage of the introductory offer which slashed from $2000 to $3000 off each grave. There is only one grave left to buy (there is no room for expansion); it will be sold at a preset price based on pricing from several years ago. If that does not sell by the end of July, 2019, it will then be available for whatever is the prevailing market price at the time of sale.

Kehilla Community Synagogue has purchased two graves to hold the cremains (cremated remains) of our members who wish to be buried there. Each grave will hold up to 10 cremains. If you are interested in having a place in one of these two graves, please see contact info below. Soon there will be a formalized cemetery committee to handle ongoing matters related to our section and the two cremains graves.

Cathy Steirn and Jane Hoberman worked on this project for 4 years. Jay Koch joined the effort this year. They want to express heartfelt thanks for the support of everyone at Kehilla who helped shepherd them and this process: Michael Taller-Saxe, Rabbi Dev, the Board. And most notably, to those of you who called to express interest, listened to our spiels, and then perhaps went on to become one of the pioneers in this communal effort.

We are currently planning for the Jewish consecration of this area. Led by our rabbis, this will likely be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join in an ancient ritual of our lineage. Watch for more information about this in the Kol Kehilla and email announcements.

With great excitement and gratitude,

Cathy Steirn (510-289-2363)
Jane Hoberman ( 510-333-1848)

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