The Vision for Kehilla School

Grounded in Jewish Renewal values, Kehilla School seeks to inspire our students with a love for Judaism and a strong Jewish identity. We provide diverse opportunities for young people to experience joy, build community, and discover meaningful spirituality in ritual, study, and communal celebration. We teach and promote living Judaism as a way to cultivate personal, global, and ecological tikkun with a deep commitment to social justice.*

Our Purpose is to create a school community that represents, celebrates, and teaches to the diversity of the Kehilla community – including interfaith and multi-cultural families, families of color, LGBTQ families, and children with physical and/or learning differences. We will:

I. Continue to develop curriculum for the school that emphasizes Jewish Renewal values, innovative learning experiences, and a commitment to social justice.*

II. Increase opportunities for student and family participation and leadership in larger Kehilla events including meaningful involvement in services.

III. Prepare children for their B’nai Mitzvah including early exposure to Hebrew song, sacred text, liturgy and ritual.

IV. Recognize that each of our students is on their own unique path and our job is to support them on their journey.


*Please see Kehilla’s Statement of Values on Israel/Palestine and the descriptions of our Economic Justice and Immigration Committees for more information about Kehilla’s commitment to social justice.