Kehilla School is a kid-centered community of Jewish life and learning where students engage the cultural, historical, spiritual, intellectual, social, artistic, and religious dimensions of their growing Jewish identity. Click here for Kehilla School’s Vision and Mission statements.

Our SCHOOL COMMUNITY is Jewish and multi-faith; it includes Jews of Color, LGBTQ folx, people of all genders, blended families, families created through adoption, and many more. Our school community reflects Kehilla’s vision of spiritual practice and social justice work. Kehilla has a justice based relationship to Israel/Palestine and as a community we are guided by the values statement adopted in 2016.

Our FACULTY are vibrant educators who love sharing their enthusiasm for contemporary Jewish life with our kids.

A TYPICAL DAY at Kehilla School is as follows:

3:30-4:00pm Snack is available for purchase, students schmooze, play fozball and basketball, and prepare for class.

4:00pm Kehilla School starts! All grades will spend about 20 min of the day with Rabbi Gray Myrseth in T’fillah (prayer), and the rest of the day in their classes (broken up by grade). During T’fillah we give the students an opportunity to express gratitudes, we sing a few prayers/songs, and finally have a discussion that relates to Torah. Some days we come together as a whole school for T’fillah and other weeks we split T’fillah into two sections (1st-4th Grade; and 5th-6th Grade).

The themes of the curriculum for each grade are outlined below. About five times a year, the whole school community comes together to celebrate and learn about holidays like Sukkot, Chanukah, and Purim.

Our CURRICULUM takes a Jewish Renewal approach to Torah, Jewish history, social justice*, spiritual practice, celebration of Jewish festivals, and community building. Our curriculum is thematic by grade, with an open invitation to teachers to share their creativity.

Curriculum themes

Kitah Aleph (first grade) Cycle of the Jewish Year
Kitah Bet (second grade) Exploring Mitzvot
Kitah Gimel (third grade) Learning about life through Torah
Kitah Dalet (fourth grade) Heroes & Prophets
Kitah Hey (fifth grade) Ark of Jewish history & global Jewish diversity
Kitah Vav (sixth grade) Honing tools for drawing wisdom from Torah & modern Jewish identities

Seventh graders are invited to apply to be part of Kehilla’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program. To be eligible for this program, students must have attended Kehilla School for fifth and sixth grade.  Please contact Youth Programs Coordinator, Natalie Boskin, at if you have any questions about the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program.

Kehilla School approaches HEBREW as a sacred language of Jewish spiritual practice and traditional text. Our focus is on decoding and reading (we do not teach modern language or conversation Hebrew). Students in all grades get exposed to the Hebrew Aleph Bet. In 5th and 6th grades there is a dedicated 20-30 minutes per week of Hebrew instruction.

Please be in touch with Rabbi Gray Myrseth or Natalie Boskin to learn more about Kehilla School.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community!

*Please see Kehilla’s Statement of Values on Israel/Palestine and the descriptions of our Economic Justice and Immigration Committees for more information about Kehilla’s commitment to social justice.

Contact Us

Rabbi Gray Myrseth, School Director      or       Natalie Boskin, Youth Programs Coordinator
Email                 Email:, Phone: 510. 547.2424 x 107