Kehilla School Update April 30, 2012

Yom Shalom / Youm Salaam

Last week we were joined by three special guests: 

Mona Halaby, a Palestinian American woman who teaches 3rd grade at Park Day School, and works collaboratively with students at the Friends School in Ramallah;

Debbie Fier, Kehilla’s drumming maestra, who joined us for Tefillah, and taught middle eastern drumming workshops;

Sandra Razieli, Kehilla’s  Bar/Bat Mitavah program director, and one of our Spiritual Leasders.  Sandra taught workshops in Arabic writing, and taught about the similarities between the Semitic languages of Hebrew and Arabic.

Mona offered two presentations.  For the younger kids (grades 1 – 4) she shared about her year at the Friends School in Ramallah.  For the older kids (grades 5 and 6) she shared the story of her family’s experience in Palestine during the establishment of the State of Israel, which included their becoming refugees in Egypt, then Switzerland, and finally in the U.S.  Mona also shared her perspective on the need for justice along with peace in the region, and shared a Palestinian-focused narrative of the years of the occupation. 

Rabbi David, who was out of town at the time, prepared a letter for the 5th and 6th graders, indroducing his views about the situation and how we might think about it.

I think the day may have raised a lot of questions for some of our kids.  I hope you’ll keep the converstion going at home, and encourage your kids to bring more questions and reflections back to school with them next week!



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