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Kehilla Passover Resources in a Time of Devastation

We enter this season of liberation wracked by the brutal truths of this year – 
so many dead, so many held captive, 
so many injured, so many starving, 
so many displaced, so many waiting in agony for news of a missing loved one, 
so much grief, so much brutal violence raining down. 
Liberation, peace, justice and healing seem to recede into a distant and hard-to-imagine future.

Maybe a seder feels impossible this year.
Some of us can’t imagine connecting with this ancient story centering Jewish suffering and liberation right now.
Some of us need exactly this story.
Some of us will be with family who are in a very different place, and real talk may feel too risky.

Whatever you need in this season, we hope you’ll find something here to support your Passover practice. 

If you find more resources you’d like to share here, please send them to Rabbi Dev.  We’ll share things here that are aligned with Kehilla’s Values Statement on Israel Palestine.

2024 New Passover Resources

Freedom for All Haggadah 2024
A collaboration of If Not Now (USA), Na’amod (UK), Freedom for All Zurich Group (Switzerland), Laboratorio Ebraico Antirazzista (Italy), Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (NYC) and All That’s Left (Israel/Palestine).

A Shulchan Orech – Pledge for Passover
Fast for Gaza, If Not Now, Jewish Voice for Peace

Notes Toward a Passover Haggadah for 2024
R’ Arthur Waskow & The Shalom Center

JOCI Passover Resource List for 2024/5784
Jews of Color Initiative

A Housekey on the Seder Plate
A new practice offered by the Kehilla Homeless Action Committee

2024 Supplement from T’ruah: Rabbis for Human Rights
T’ruah’s 2024 Supplement by Rabbis Jenna Shaw and Lev Meirowitz Nelson. Includes materials for The Four Children, V’hi She’Amda, and Next Year in Jerusalem.

Passover Social Justice Issues Resources  from Rabbi Shawn Zevit, Mishkan Shalom, Philadelphia

Dayenu Seder Supplement 
A new supplement from Dayenu: A Jewish Call to Climate Action 

Kehilla’s Home Seder Haggadah from years past! 

Rabbi David put together a Haggadah you can download for free and print for your seder. While it includes the most essential traditional and non-traditional pieces, it also creates spaces for you and your guests to insert songs, readings, and conversations of your own. Instructions are available here to help you and guests collaboratively prepare. 

Many More Passover Resources

Haggadah from Chavurah for a Free Palestine
This is an anti-zionist haggadah created/curated by Kehilla’s Chavurah for a Free Palestine in 2022.

Gather Bay is a local organization that supports younger adults connecting to Jewish communities and resources, and they have gathered an extensive collection of seder resources here. The topics included are local seders (some for all ages, some for just younger adults); Other Passover Events, Celebrations and Classes; Hosting and Seder-Matching; Recipes and Haggadot Resources; and More articles and Resources. 

Avodah: Sparking Jewish Leaders, Igniting Social Change has Passover Resources for This Moment and Beyond, including over a dozen social justice oriented haggadot and many other rituals and supplements on justice themes. “Avodah has collected [these] Haggadot and Passover resources from our partners and allies in our social justice work. Please use these materials to help foster dialogue, lead prayers, and build community during this holiday of liberation.”

The LUNAR Collective “cultivates connection, belonging and visibility for Asian American Jews through intersectional community programming and authentic digital storytelling.” There are Asian Jewish haggadot accessible to download, more info here


Here is a collection of songs and musical resources from Kehilla’s 2023 seders. 

Counting the Omer

Here is a guide for this daily spiritual practice from the second night of Passover to Shavuot, created by Kehilla spiritual leaders in 2017:

Sefirat HaOmer: Counting the Omer – Daily Reflections & Practice

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