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Kehilla Goes Greener

You may know that in 2014, Kehilla installed solar panels on our roof.  This has enabled us to get most of our electricity from our solar panels.  We are thrilled to let you know that we will be installing additional solar panels that will allow us to receive virtually all our electrical power from our own solar panels.  As with our original solar installation, we are doing this in partnership with Re-volv, a non-profit organization that helps non-profit install solar power.  The special feature of the Re-volv model is “pay it forward”.  Some portion of our monthly payments to ReVolv for our solar panels supports them to assist even more community organizations to go solar.  So, we are not only getting our own electricity from the sun, we are also spreading solar power by working with Re-volv.

If you are interested in going solar at your own home, there are some resources to help you consider this and start the process. Sunwork installed our solar panels and is a great option for low-energy use customers. These are folks whose electric bill is $100 or less per month. You can read more about their criteria here.  For everyone else, there is SunPower which is widely recognized for their top of the line solar panels and have a great give-back program with RE-volv. If a Kehilla member goes solar with Sunpower using this link, then the customer will receive a $500 rebate and RE-volv will get a $500 donation to continue bringing solar to nonprofits. The website is:

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