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Kehilla Says Vote No on Proposition 20

On September 9, 85 people gathered virtually for a “Votinar” to hear why Kehilla’s Economic Justice Committee, Bend the Arc Jewish Action, Faith in Action East Bay, Netivot Shalom, Plymouth Congregational (Jazz & Justice) Church, the Alameda County Public Health Commission, and other congregations are urging Californians to vote No on Proposition 20, the Prison Spending Scam.  If it passes, Proposition 20 will roll back hard-won criminal justice reforms (Propositions 47 & 57, and AB 109), further fill our jails and prisons with people (mostly Black and Brown) charged with low-level criminal offenses, reduce the number of people eligible for parole, require DNA testing of people charged with misdemeanor offenses, and cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars a year more than what we are currently paying to incarcerate people in California jails and prisons.

The Votinar planning group included EJC members Merle Lustig and Richard Speiglman.  Bend the Arc Jewish Action provided the Zoom power and a variety of supports.

In anticipation of the November ballot – coming out in early October – we encourage you to take a look at the presentation slides and, for more detail, to watch the event recording.  Please share these materials with friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

Link to slides

Link to recording of the event 

Slide #20 suggests ways for people to engage in outreach to help the No vote.  The main thrust of the actions will be voter contact (phone banking), but there are other approaches as well.

See the link to the Votinar Volunteer page

Merle Lustig is the contact person to support those efforts.  If you are interested in volunteering, you can also contact Merle at

If you or your colleagues are interested in hosting a virtual forum or house party on Proposition 20, you are welcome to make use of the recording and/or slides.

Learn more:

Prison Spending Initiative would undermine California criminal justice reforms and public safety

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