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Kehilla Board Service Myths and Facts

This was originally published December 2019


1) Myth: Being on the Board will be too time-consuming.

Truth: You will be expected to attend Board meetings regularly 1x/month for 2-3 hours, and to contact the chair/co-chair if you’re not able to attend.You will also be asked to serve on at least one Board committee that meets approximately 1x/month. Sometimes you may be asked to serve on a temporary committee or to assist with a special project or event, i.e: Rabbinic Transition Group, Leadership Retreat Planning Group.

2) Myth: It’s too much responsibility to manage the daily operations of Kehilla.

Truth: Although the Board is legally and financially responsible for Kehilla’s well-being and ensures that the ED manages all financial resources effectively and appropriately, it is the ED who manages the daily operations.

3) Myth: Kehilla Board meetings are too boring or too contentious.

Truth: We are a cohesive group of people with wisdom and intelligence, freedom from ego-centricity, an ability to listen, communicate, articulate and give and take. We have a sense of humor and like to have fun. We are made of individuals who have the ability to see the big picture and deal with things when they don’t go well. We like getting together and making deeper connections with each other. We are always learning how to make Kehilla a stronger congregation.

4) Myth: Being on the Board means you have to make a big financial contribution to Kehilla.

Truth: All Board members are asked to make a contribution to Kehilla that is one of their three top annual charitable donations. The Generosity Committee offers excellent support and training on how to fundraise.

All Board members are encouraged to support fundraising efforts when asked, i.e.: make food for an event, make phone calls, attend trainings, do face-to-face individual solicitations if asked.

5) Myth: You have to already have expertise in fiduciary responsibilities.

Truth: Kehilla Board members are trained in analyzing the annual budget and monitoring monthly expense reports from the ED. All questions are welcomed.

6) Myth: You have to be a long term Kehilla member to serve on the Board.

Truth: You don’t have to be a long term member! We welcome Kehilla members who think deeply about Kehilla’s ability to evolve and grow into the future. We want to ensure that members of the Board represent many facets of Kehilla’s community.


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