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Kehilla Board of Trustees Update

July marks the start of the board year.  We are thrilled to welcome new members:  Ori Tzvieli and Stephanie Hochman.   We will miss the wise voices of Natalie Roden, Marjorie Cox, and Marcie Rubel.

The board meets the 4th Tuesday of each month (with occasional changes) at 6pm in the back classroom.  All Kehilla members are welcome – encouraged!- to attend.   Meetings last 2 to 3 hours.  No worries if you come straight from work; dinner is served.  This is a wonderful opportunity to see into the operations of our organization, and to gain insight into how your dues and donations are used.  Following the main meeting, the Board meets in a closed Executive session if there are confidential matters to be discussed.

Committees are encouraged to update the board periodically on their activities by submitting a report in writing.  The EJC has been doing this, as well as having a member attend regularly to report back to the committee.

Questions?  Concerns? Comments?  Feel free to contact either of the co-chairs:  Catherine Lyons or Karen Cohn

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