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Kehilla Board Column: Greeting our community every day

That feeling when we walk up the steps of the Scottish Rite Center or to Kehilla at the High Holidays – being greeted on the steps, inside the doors, at the entrance of the sanctuary…. Being handed a prayer book by someone who smiles at you and says l’shana tova….  That sense of being welcomed into your community.

And that feeling when you are the greeter smiling and welcoming your fellow congregants, having a brief exchange and a moment of connection with someone you have never met before.

And that feeling as a new congregant or a visitor to Kehilla is warmly greeted and gently guided into our home…

We all know that feeling, and we know when it is missing.  We are proud of being a welcoming synagogue, so let’s demonstrate that at every event.  

We are creating a system by which greeters will be present at each and every service and Kehilla event.  If everyone does this once or twice a year we are set.  Imagine how many people you will get to meet!  Imagine feeling that much more part of your community.  

If you are interested in helping to organize the system please contact Catherine Lyons  If you think this is a great idea and don’t have the bandwidth for the organizational part but are eager to have the opportunity to be a greeter sometime soon please also send your enthusiastic thumbs up to us.

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