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Julie Litwin is Getting an Award!

As reported by Catherine Lyons:

Julie is a recipient of the Mildred Parish Massey Legacy Award from Congresswoman Barbara Lee. This award is in honor of Congresswoman Lee’s late mother, a fierce champion for justice and equality. Julie will be honored at an event the afternoon of Saturday May 11. Not surprisingly, Julie only very reluctantly shared this information.

I don’t need to tell you how much Julie has done in support of immigrants and refugees within our Kehilla community. I doubt any of us know how much more she does in the wider community in support of this fight – coordinating with other organizations, supporting accompaniment teams, looking for housing, accompanying individuals to their hearings, fund raising – to name just a few things. She is an advocate, organizer, direct service provider, champion with a huge heart and a bottomless pit of energy.

There is little doubt in my mind that the immigration support work we do at Kehilla would not be the robust program it is without Julie. Her perseverance and her unwillingness to even consider that something is not possible is remarkable. I am personally inspired, motivated, humbled, and energized by her.


With much love from your Kehilla family

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