Jewish Gateways into the Spirit

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Dear Kehilla Community,

The families in the 2018 Bar/Bat Mitzvah Cohort recently had a workshop called Jewish Gateways into the Spirit with Rabbi Burt, Helen Stoltzfus, and Susan Schulman. One of the activities was to create a group poem inspired by a story about the Ba’al Shem Tov. We thought the results were beautiful and wanted to share the finished poems with the Kehilla Community!

Earthy Clay
Light moving through,
Airplanes jet Rolls Royce
First thing I ever crafted!
Roar of the water
Superpower awesomeness
Loud and alive
Bright blue dragonflies
The horizon
The smell of pine trees
Warmth of the sun
Drinking in the beauty
The feeling of love
Morph and shift, grow and change
Feels like flying
The mountains to the West
I feel awed
A smell of fertile earth
The feeling of connectedness
Grass and leaves
Bodies are enveloped in light
Soft mossy bark on redwoods
Small waves
The dust under my feet

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