It’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah Season!

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Dear Kehilla community,

You are invited to join us at the following Shabbat morning services as these amazing 7th graders become Bar/Bat mitzvah. Some of us may feel a little hesitant about coming to a Shabbat service when a young person we do not know personally is becoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah, but please be assured that having Kehilla community members present brings immense joy and liveliness to the service, which is greatly appreciated by the family and their young person. Furthermore, from the pride that the Bar/Bat Mitzvah families show while joining in the Kehilla community aliya to the Torah, to the joyful way that the students dance with that day’s celebrant after s/he has finished reading from the Torah, to the beautiful words that are shared when representatives of the chavurah present a gift to the Bar/Bat Mitzvah, the power of these services reaches all who attend.

Please note that these services begin at 10am and please attend these (and all) services scent free.

Rachel Hokkanen becomes Bat Mitzvah on June 3

Rachel Heinemann becomes Bat Mitzvah on June 10

Cody and Sabine Sulka become B’nei Mitzvah on June 17

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