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Apply for JYCA’s Leadership Group in Training (LGiT) cohort

JYCA (Jewish Youth for Community Action) is now accepting applications for our incredible Leadership Group in Training program (LGiT). This program is an unparalleled leadership opportunity for Jewish youth aged 14-18 and a life changing, loving, positive community experience as well.

(Go here to apply or nominate a youth.)

JYCA is an innovative leadership training program dedicated to empowering youth and contributing to social justice. JYCA forms a tight-knight group in which every individual is respected and valued, everyone’s ideas are taken seriously, and enthusiastic participation is the norm. Being a part of JYCA means something different to everyone, but without a doubt, being a part of this organization will change your life.

JYCA is proud to be Youth-Led, meaning that youth are involved at every level of the organization (from picking campaigns, to leading workshops, to fundraising, to writing this blurb!).

JYCA is a safe space for people with various life backgrounds and experiences. JYCA participants have a very wide range of experiences with Jewish Practice/Culture!

This program is not to be missed for High School youth in the Bay Area. We are so lucky to have a program like JYCA here- we are the only region in the country to have a program of this kind for our youth.

“Personally, JYCA has had an enormous impact on my life. Besides enjoying being around a welcoming, tight-knit community atmosphere, JYCA has sparked an interest in activism that I didn’t even know existed. Being educated about what is going on in the world we live in, and doing what what I can to try and mend some issues in it has made me very passionate and excited to help the world around me.”

-Olivia, age 17

“Without JYCA in my life, I would not have the social awareness or skills to address it that I do. JYCA has given me a place to not only explore the ills of society in a Jewish context but also a way to get involved in change. Along with this, JYCA is truly a community in every sense of the word. The youth of JYCA, from all over the Bay Area, are some of my best friends. They are the most accepting and supportive group of people I know. Anyone can find a place in JYCA.”

-Allie, age 17

Applications are due on 1/6/17. You can also nominate a youth on the website!

Please spread the word to any youth you think may be interested! We don’t want any amazing youth to miss out on this opportunity. We have been finding that more youth than ever are interested post election- youth are looking for meaningful ways to get involved in social justice work and in active communities of peers. Let’s help them do that by connecting them with this opportunity!

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