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In search of a live in situation, short or long term

The face of homelessness keeps getting closer & closer to home. Twice in the past 2 months I have hosted friends who have suddenly found themselves about to become homeless because of rising rents, medical issues or mounting misfortune. And I say, “there but for the Grace of God go I”.

I am appealing to my Kehilla community for help. I am in search of a live in situation, short or long term, pet sitting, house sitting over vacation, Elder assistance, companionship. My friend Suzanne is a 61 year old Caucasian woman, kindly, well-educated, articulate, with a gentle sensitive approach & a positive attitude. She has a disability herself but could offer help in many ways such as could drive someone to appts, help to manage meds, care for pets, and I’m sure other things. She has been the recent victim of embezzlement & violence. If anyone has any suggestions or leads please contact me, Joi Jencuyah at 925.917.1382. And please send prayers & blessings. Much gratitude!

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