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Immigration Committee Update: Luis

After sheltering at Kehilla for 3 1/2 weeks, our guest, Luis, returned to Sacramento.

Despite the challenges of hosting a guest during a pandemic, we were able to provide a safe, restful place for Luis, clothing, home cooked meals, physically distanced visits and other support. We learned that advance planning pays off but that we still need to be ready to adapt to the constantly changing needs of the immigrant community and our world. Our Sanctuary Task Force team worked well together to make this first hosting endeavor go smoothly, and we are thrilled that many volunteers were eager to step up to help out.

Special thanks to Leanne Grossman, Sarah Anne Minkin, Hedy Straus, Jaime Jenett, Laura Fitch, Rachele Kanigel, Annie-Rose London, Ori Tsivieli, Monica Berson, Wren Gainin-Pinto, Harvey Castro, Carol Rothman, Susan Schulman, Rachel Kotok, River Seidelman, Rachel Gottfried, Noa Grayevsky, Yael Falicov, Sam Davis, Amy Bank, Jamie McGrath, Mark Pickus, Donna Caplin, Loel Solomon, Kehilla staff and members of the Sanctuary Task Force: Julie Litwin, Penny Rosenwasser, Anna Martin, Carolyn Schour, and Catherine Lyons.

We are part of a group of congregations, community organizations and lawyers that is working hard for the release of those who are detained and, especially, those who are at most at risk during the pandemic. We hope to be able to offer our space again in the future to help free others.

Kehilla member Rachele Kanigel wrote a lovely piece about Luis’ story and Kehilla hosting for the J.

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