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Immigration Committee Requests for Housing and Car

1) Please help this asylum-seeking family from Honduras find housing ($1200-1700 per month). This responsible, caring, employed family is trying to get established in this country.  Looking for a studio to 2-bedroom for 4 months or longer. Can do partial work exchange:  housekeeping, indoor and outdoor painting, cooking, childcare, Spanish-immersion, and home repairs. The family is actively involved in the Kehillah accompaniment program. Please contact Lili Shidlovski (510-599-3611) with any leads or questions.

2) Asylum seeker in Kehilla accompaniment program just got his CA driver’s license!  He is looking to buy a sedan-sized car or larger or a mini-van in good condition.  Can pay up to $4000.  Contact Sebastaio at if you have any leads.


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