Immigration Committee Request

Jon and Karen are Kehilla Immigration Committee members who will be providing Dora, who holds Temporary Protected Status (TPS), with housing while she pursues her immigration case in the courts, seeking the right to remain in the US permanently. Dora has held Temporary Protected Status (TPS) since 2001, but the current Administration is seeking to terminate TPS for her and hundreds of thousands of other immigrants.

Please read the announcement below from Jon and Karen, and help Dora to find employment during this process! 
Dear Friends and Neighbors,
We are writing to recommend Dora Mendoza, an extraordinary nanny who took care of our son several years ago, from the time he was 9 months to two and half years old. Dora is moving to Berkeley later this month and will be available to work with a new family in the Bay Area starting July 1. Depending on how many hours that job requires, she may also be available for occasional babysitting.
Dora has over twelve years of experience as a nanny and raised two children of her own into adulthood. She specializes in caring for children aged 6 months – 3 years. Dora’s primary language is Spanish but she is conversant in English. Dora does not drive but she is comfortable navigating public transportation and cabs/ride shares to get around. Dora is a loving, protective, and nuturing caretaker who adores spending time with small children. We know her to be trustworthy, responsible, and a person of the very highest character.
We would be happy to tell you more and put you in touch with Dora directly. Dora has other references she can provide from parents whose children she has cared for in recent years. Please feel free to reach out by cell, 215-516-9943, or by emails listed below.
Jon Blazer
Karen Gersten-Rothenberg

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