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Immigration Committee Housing Request

As you know, many members of our community have been involved in sponsoring, hosting or accompanying newly arrived immigrants. Through this program, we have worked with four young transgender women from Mexico and Central America who fled persecution and came to the US seeking asylum. Two are currently living with host families, who provide housing and basic necessities. Now that they’ve been here for some time, they would like to live more independently. They would be happy to live together or, if there were a large enough space, with other friends. Unfortunately, the immigration process moves slowly, and neither of them has yet received a work authorization, which means that they are still not able to earn the money needed to pay for their rent and living expenses.

We know how hard it is for anyone to find housing in the Bay Area, but if you know of anyone who has a separate unit, such as a backyard cottage or studio or an in-law apartment who might be willing to rent to these women for a reduced rate or for some type of work exchange, please contact Julie Litwin at

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