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Immigration Committee Announcements

Cleaning Services 
One of Kehilla’s accompaniment teams has been working with an immigrant who has started to work cleaning houses. If you are in need of such assistance, it would be great if you would consider using her service. She and her co-worker wrote this description: We offer an excellent cleaning service with all natural products and no harsh chemicals. We help you get rid of all that dust and grime that builds up while you’re at work. We will clean to your specifications. We’d love to leave your home looking sparkling and new! Call us at 510-302-7923

Housing Needed

A beloved immigrant family that a Kehilla accompaniment team has been supporting for a year and a half needs a new place to live beginning in June. The family consists of two adults, a 10-year-old child and a second child on the way. The family has been living with a Kehilla family for the last 18 months and has been paying some rent, but now needs their own place. The husband works full-time, the wife part-time, and they can afford about $1500/month. They would ideally like to live in Alameda or the Fruitvale and need to be close to good public transit.

This family is very responsible, trustworthy, kind and considerate. A joy to be with. Both adults are well-liked by their employers. The husband has top-notch construction and handyman skills, which could possibly be exchanged for partial rent.

Can you help out by using your creative thinking and contacts to see what possibilities are out there?

Because they are fairly new in this country, the best chance for housing may be for an in-law apartment or backyard cottage or extra couple of rooms through someone you know who is supportive of immigrants’ needs and would be happy to hear from the current landlords that this family would be great tenants, pay rent on time, and take good care of the place.

Please contact Lili Shidlovski at

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