Want to revisit a particular sermon, see a service you missed, or partake in the celebrations all over again? You can! Click on the service name below to see the recordings on YouTube. If you’d like to revisit the full program descriptions, visit the High Holy Days 5781/2020 website here.

Erev Rosh Hashanah (Panelist view)

Sermon by Rabbi Dev Noily, leading the service with Hazzan Shulamit and musical prayer leaders Debbie Fier and Beth Dickinson.

Rosh Hashanay Day One (Panelist view)

Led by Howard Hamburger and Hazzan Shulamit Wise Fairman, with d’varlings* by Lia Barrow and Howard Hamburger, and musical prayer leaders Julie Nesnansky and Debbie Fier.

Rosh Hashanah Day Two

 Led by Rabbi Chaya Gusfield and Buddhist teacher Eve Decker.

See Rabbi Chaya’s sermon transcript here.

Kol Nidre

Sermon by Tonda Case, project director of Jewish Women of Color Resilience Circle. Led by Rabbi Dev Noily and Hazzan Shulamit Wise Fairman with musical prayer leaders Beth Dickinson and Debbie Fier.

Yom Kippur Morning

Morning d’varling* by Avi Rose and teen d’varling* by Satya Zamudio. Torah service with Rabbi Gray Myrseth. Haftarah with Anna Talhami and Wren Pinto. Musaf with Rabbi Dev Noily. All with Hazzan Shulamit and musical prayer leaders Julie Nesnansky and Debbie Fier.

Rabbi David’s Teaching

Jonah, Teshuva, and Israel/Palestine: A Learning Session with Rabbi David Cooper

Yikzor & Ne’ilah

Yikzor by Rabbi David Cooper with Julie Nesnansky, Beth Dickinson, and Debbie Fier. Ne’ilah begins with storytelling by Rabbi Burt Jacobson, founding rabbi of Kehilla, and continues with Howard Hamburger, Hazzan Shulamit, Debbie Fier, Julie Nesnansky, and Beth Dickinson.