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Kehilla High Holy Days

Artwork by Lizzie Sivitz

Erev Rosh Hashanah – Friday, September 15

First Day Rosh Hashanah – Saturday, September 16

Second Day Rosh Hashanah – Sunday, September 17

Kol Nidre Evening – Sunday, September 24

Yom Kippur Day & Ne’ilah – Monday, September 25

A river is flowing from eden to water the garden, and from there it divides and becomes four headwaters…
– Genesis 2:10

Wherever we find water, we can follow it back to this river, from the beginning of creation, that never stops flowing. In dry years and in wet years, all waters are these waters – the waters of life that pour down through the mountains, and up through the roots of giant redwoods, and through every cell of each of our bodies.  

In these Holy Days, let’s turn toward the river, letting our dried-up places be watered and refreshed. Let’s allow the words, practices and melodies of High Holy Days to water our gardens with rivers of teshuvah (turning), tefillah (reflection), and tzedakah (justice), with rivers of community and connection, as we renew our lives and spirits to enter this new year!

General Information

We are excited that Kehilla is returning to the Scottish Rite Center in Oakland for the 2023 High Holy Days!

Please note, N95, KN95, or KF94 masks will be required for all guests attending indoor services.
Click here for our COVID-19 policy and other important accessibility and parking information.

All of our Main Services will be fully Multi-Access as they will be live-streamed on Zoom. Everyone is welcome to join virtually or in-person for our High Holy Days.

Check out our High Holy Day Resources Page for all the important links you need!


Ticketing Information

We are selling three types of non-member High Holy Day tickets: 

1. All Access: attend any/all of Kehilla High Holy Day Main, Family, or Tot services (in person or virtually). Click here to purchase an All Access ticket. 

2. Virtual Only: attend any/all of Kehilla’s High Holy Day Main services virtually. Click here to purchase a Virtual Only ticket. 

3. Family and Tot Service Only: attend any/all of Kehilla’s Tot & Family Services (Rosh Hashanah Day 1 Tot and Family Service, Kol Nidre Family Service, and Yom Kippur Tot Service). Click here to purchase a Family and Tot Services only ticket. Note that this ticket does not include admission to any of Kehilla’s Main services.

Kehilla members automatically receive High Holy Day tickets with membership and are warmly invited to get additional tickets for family and friends.

Registration does not come with a physical or digital ticket. Kehilla members and those who have pre-purchasted tickets will be added to our registration list and can check in at the door when they arrive. 

Our services are available to people of all incomes, and non-member tickets have a range of recommended donations. Please contribute at the level that works best for you, and if you’re financially able, in a way that supports Kehilla’s ability to serve our economically diverse community. Your contribution makes Kehilla’s year-round work possible and helps others attend our High Holy Day services.

Contact us at with any questions.

High Holy Day Upcoming Services Schedule

No tickets required.

Kehilla members are invited to eat, study or hang out in the Kehilla sukkah. Reserve space in Kehilla’s sukkah between Sat., Sept. 30 – Sat.., Oct. 7.

In-Person Only: Glitter Kehilla Shabbat Potluck, September 29 @ 7pm at Kehilla- Join us for Shabbat of Sukkot blessings and song and to share a ritual meal together in the Sukkah (in the courtyard). Glitter Kehilla is a community space for young/er adults in their 20’s and 30’s(ish).

Multi-Access: Shabbat Morning of Sukkot (cc), September 30 @ 10am at Kehilla- Join us for a celebratory Shabbat morning service with Rabbi Dev Noily, Hazzan Shulamit Wise Fairman and Beth Dickinson. We will sing Hallel, additional festive psalms of praise, for Sukkot. Kiddush sponsored by Kehilla’s Finance and Investment Committees.


Kehilla is partnering with Urban Adamah for Simchat Torah on October 7! 

Farm opens at 5pm.
Tot program with Jen Miriam and Alon Altman @ 5:30pm
Simchat Torah Bash with Kehilla ad Chochmat HaLev @ 6:30pm
Be sure to get your tickets in advance – space is limited!

Past Services

No tickets required.

Selichot is our portal into the Days of Awe and the process of teshuva, of turning inward with love and curiosity to face ourselves with clarity and truth. Selichot, as a practice, asks us to deepen our understanding of asking for and offering forgiveness. Before we enter the great time of Rosh Hashanah, we gather in the intimate circle of Selichot to begin the tender and life-giving practice of looking deeply and clearly at our lives. Join Howard Hamburger, Hazzan Shulamit Wise Fairman, Julie Nesnansky, Beth Dickinson, and Debbie Fier, and more of our Bima Team,  for song, prayer, and teachings to get us on our way.   

If you’re joining us by Zoom, you may want to bring these items:  Havdalah candle, spices, wine or grape juice; a piece of white string or yarn (or cooking twine or dental floss).

Doors open at 6:15pm.

Tickets required for nonmembers (all access or virtual only).

Welcome the new year, celebrate the birthday of the world, and gather with our community as we face this moment together, and begin to draw on the practices of this season to sustain us and uplift us in difficult times.

Teaching by Fresh Lev White. Service led by Rabbi Dev Noily, Fresh Lev White, and Hazzan Shulamit Wise Fairman with Musical Prayer Leaders Beth Dickinson and Debbie Fier, joined by Julie Nesnansky and Avi Rose.  

Zoom participants: You may want to have candles to light with us at the beginning of service, challah and wine or juice for Kiddush and Motzi after services.

Teen Welcome with Natalie Boskin and Yeshi Gusfield @ 7:15pmAll teens (in the b’mitzvah program and older) coming to Kehilla High Holy Days are encouraged to join Natalie and Yeshi on Erev Rosh Hashanah for an orientation to these holy days and how we will gather together as teens.

Doors open at 9am.

Tickets required for nonmembers (all access or virtual only).

Main Services will be led by R. David Cooper and Hazzan Shulamit Wise Fairman, and musical prayer leaders Julie Nesnansky and Debbie Fier. Torah Service with R. Dev Noily, Teaching by Elijah Barrow-Ward, and Torah chanters Max Roston-Saul and Jon Rodney. Ketzev Kehilla, our prayerful drum orchestra, will open services from 9:25-9:35 am.

Tashlich at Lake Merritt

Join Rabbi David immediately after morning service (approx 12:45-1pm) – across the street at the lake. Family friendly & brief.

Zoom participants: You may want to have a tallit/prayer shawl and challah, wine or juice for Kiddush and Motzi after services, plus shofar, kazoo or horn!

**There is a $5 parking fee on weekends at Lake Temescal (north).**

Tickets required for nonmembers (all access or family/tot only).

Tot Services start at 10am: Join Jen Miriam and Alon Altman at the Lake Temescal North picnic area!  Enjoy a Rosh Hashanah experience with puppets, music and lots of fun for our youngest celebrants and the grown-ups who love them.

Family Services start 11am: Join Musical Prayer Leaders Beth Dickinson and Ore Ganin-Pinto, as well as Kehilla School teachers Red Karpman and Sarah Moss Yanuck at the Lake Temescal North picnic area for a fun, kid-centered, musical experience. Designed for children in grades 1 to 6, and open to all ages.

Bring a blanket or camp chairs to sit on and, if you want, bring your own picnic for Rosh Hashanah lunch following the service.

Any teens who want to get involved in Family Services leadership should reach out to Natalie (

Doors open at 9:30am.

No tickets required.

We invite you to a morning of sacred song and teachings, mindfulness, prayer, healing, and shared community experience. Led by Fresh Lev White, Rabbi Dev Noily, and Ore Ganin-Pinto.*

*As of last year, Eve Decker stepped down from leading 2nd Day Rosh Hashana, and as of this year, Rabbi Chaya Gusfield has stepped back as well. We are grateful for their many years of deep leadership and very special practice on 2nd Day Rosh Hashana. This year’s leaders will continue the tradition they created, with a contemplative and musical 2nd Day service.

Zoom participants: You may want to have a tallit or prayer shawl, challah, and wine or fruit juice.

No tickets required.

West Berkeley Shellmound: 3:30-5:30pm, In-person only (outside)

Join Jews On Ohlone Land, and Kehilla Community Synagogue for an outdoor, family friendly, community Tashlich ritual. Tashlich is the tradition of casting into the water the mistakes we’ve made over the last year, and cleansing ourselves to begin anew.

We’ll gather at the West Berkeley Shellmound at 1900 Fourth Street at 3:30 pm for a short program and then around 4:15 pm we will walk together to the Berkeley Marina for self-directed Tashlich, arriving there around 4:45 pm. Please bring greens, duck or fish food, or another organic biodegradable material for your Tashlich. You’re also welcome to bring a shofar to blow at our closing circle at the Marina, by 5:15 pm.

Bring a blanket or camp chairs to sit on.

There is typically free parking at in the lot next to the Cal Adventures West Dock, which is next to our self-directed Tashlich location.

***This event will be outside, so we recommend that you bring layers (it may be cold).***

No tickets required. 

We will engage together in prayer, practice, and Torah study within the power of this single Shabbat between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur – the Shabbat of Turning.

Service led by Howard Hamburger and Julie Nesnansky.

Zoom participants: You may want to have a tallit/prayer shawl.

Doors open at 5:30pm.

Tickets required for nonmembers (all access or family/tot only).

The Kol Nidre Family Service with Ore Ganin-Pinto, Red Karpman, and Sonia Brin will take place at the Scottish Rite Center (3rd floor), starting at 6pm.

Doors open at 6:15pm.

Tickets required for nonmembers (all access or virtual only).

Main Services: Teaching by Rabbi Dev Noily. Services led by Avi Rose and Hazzan Shulamit Wise Fairman, and musical prayer leaders Beth Dickinson and Debbie Fier. 

On this holiest night of the Jewish year it’s our custom to wear white, to avoid leather, to fast, and to pray wearing a tallit/prayer shawl – the only time in the year that a tallit is worn at night. This service, beginning with the chanting of Kol Nidre, initiates a practice period that will last for the next 25 hours.

Zoom participants: You may want to have a tallit/prayer shawl.

Doors open at 9am.

Tickets required for nonmembers (all access or virtual only).

The Main Service will be led by Rabbi Dev and Hazzan Shulamit with musical prayer leaders Julie Nesnansky and Debbie Fier. Torah service with Sharon Grodin and Torah Chanters Chloe Kupers, Oakley Briskman, and Natalie Boskin. Teaching by Dr. Margot Kushel.

Tickets required for nonmembers (all access or family/tot only).

Jen Miriam and Alon Altman bring their warm, loving and puppet-filled world to a musical Yom Kippur experience for little ones up to age 5 and their grown-ups.

No tickets required.

In Person: Teshuvah for Palestine – What does it mean to you? 

What does teshuvah for Palestine mean to you? What are the harms that require atonement? How do we create a ‘culture of repair’ for a healed future for Palestinians and Jews? 

Join Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb and Chavurah for Free Palestine to reflect on the meaning of teshuvah in relationship to the increasing violence visited upon Palestinians here and in Israel. Share your thoughts in a loving circle. You are invited to read Vidui for the Harms of Nakba at the conclusion of the workshop.

In Person: Workshop with the Chevrah Kaddisha

Of all times in our calendar, Yom Kippur is the time when we are closest to facing our own mortality.  “Who will live and who will die” is said many times during the day.  We are fortunate that Jewish tradition is rich with rituals around death. 

In this hour-long session facilitated by Kehilla’s Chevra Kadisha, The Holy Burial Society, we will have time to explore our feelings about death and dying as well as to briefly learn about and reflect on the related Jewish rituals. 

In Person: Yom Kippur Qigong with Diana Lion

You are warmly invited to an hour of relaxing meditation and Qigong practice.  As we water our gardens during the High Holy Days this year, we can each explore our own rhythms and connect more deeply with what watering actually means to our own system. These practices support us as we harmonize our bodies, heart-minds, spirits, and life-force.  We will combine gentle movements and alive stillness, while sitting or standing – whatever fits best for you.

The emphasis is on connecting internally during this sacred time.  Embodying our spiritual commitments can help them become an even deeper part of our Being and daily experience.

In Person: Teen Creative Reflection on Yom Kippur Afternoon 

This workshop, facilitated by Natalie Boskin, will be an opportunity for Kehilla teens (in the B’mitzvah program and older) to gather and ground in some creative reflection. Our time together will be a combination of discussion and solo creative reflection on the theme of missing the mark. The goal of the workshop is for teens to have an opportunity to gather in community to do personal reflection. There will be opportunities (and no expectations) to share.

Multi Access: Building a BIPOC Community with Fresh Lev White and Victoria Alcoset

Come gather with our beautiful community of BIPOC for this time of contemplation, shares, and celebrating each other co-lead by Victoria Alcoset and Fresh “Lev” White. We’ll be gathering both over Zoom and in-person. This space is for people who identify as Black, Indigenous, or other People of Color.

Online only: Recognizing Wholeness: A Disability Justice Zoom Space

Gather with fellow disabled community members to explore themes of wholeness, disability justice and tshuvah, turning or returning. Due to lack of funding, there will only be auto generated captioning.
This workshop is presented by Kehilla’s Disability Justice Committee and is only open to those who identify as disabled or are questioning that identity for themselves. Following Sins Invalid, we use the term “disabled” broadly, including anyone whose body-mind does “not conform to our culture(s)’ notions of ‘normal’ or ‘functional.’” 
Please rsvp to by Saturday, 9/24 at 10 pm to let us know of any zoom access needs you have. We request that attendees please try to participate with as good an internet connection as feasible. Closing unnecessary tabs and apps helps to avoid internet problems.
Access needs:

Auditory access: whenever possible, please:

  • try to join with a strong internet connection. Please close unnecessary tabs and applications or move closer to your router or both to get a stronger connection;
  • attend from a quiet, indoor space, or do your best to minimize background noise; 
  • participate with as good sound quality as feasible, like using a good headset, if you have one; and
  • mute when not speaking


If you have your camera on, please:

  • keep your device still / steady because shaky cameras make some people dizzy;
  • do not use blurred or artificial backgrounds. If you need privacy, consider setting your computer up so your camera faces a wall; and
  • do not use overly bright backgrounds


Expectations: Cameras may be off. People may leave. Access needs are welcome at any point. We resist shaming. We hold space for patience, confusion, and different processing speeds.


Online only: A Movement Practice to Reflect and Refresh with Sandra Razieli

Connecting with our bodies can support us to absorb the experience of Yom Kippur with our whole being. We’ll spend an hour during this sacred time to explore gentle movements to help cultivate a sense of integration and wholeness. The practice will include standing, seated and reclined positions drawn from Modern Postural Yoga, Applied Neurology, and Restorative Exercise. Please bring a pillow/cushion so that you can sit and recline comfortably as well as a strap or long scarf.

 Rabbi Sandra Razieli has been sharing movement practices with the Kehilla Community for over 20 years. She enjoys weaving together her experiences as a certified yoga instructor, Applied Neurology Coach, Cultural Anthropologist and Jewish Educator to create movement practices that support people to move better and feel better. Sandra currently lives on Maui and is grateful that she can maintain her connections with Kehilla. You can read more about her at and Visit her Jewish community on Maui at

No tickets required.

Rabbi Burt Tribute and Interview: Why Kehilla?

With Rabbis David J. Cooper and Burt Jacobson.

No tickets required.

The Healing service will be led by Rabbi Elliot Kukla and Beth Dickinson, with contributions from Kehilla members. We will gather to mourn the pain of ableism and celebrate the joy of our resilience, as well as praying for healing and hope for our bodyminds, spirits, communities, and this wounded planet. This service will use a Disability Justice approach, which is intersectional and sees racial justice as inextricably tied to healing.

Everyone (from all backgrounds, and all abilities) is welcome! This will be a multi-access service offered over zoom and in person. The prayers will be interpreted into ASL and closed captioned. There will also be small group discussions over Zoom with options to participate using chat, ASL, or by voice; the in-person discussion groups will be by voice only. Please be in touch with with any access questions.

No tickets required.

Led by Rabbi David, Ore Ganin-Pinto, Hazzan Shulamit and Debbie Fier. Yizkor, on Yom Kippur afternoon, is our service to remember those who have died in years past. We look forward to sharing in this powerful practice of remembrance together as a community.

Prepare for Yizkor with the Scroll of Memory  or Zoom Quilt of Memory! 

Virtual and In-Person Options 

Yizkor, on Yom Kippur afternoon, is our service to remember those who have died in years past, in contrast to those we are mourning more recently.

We invite you to prepare to participate in one or two ways: 

1) We will create a virtual Zoom Quilt of Memory during the Yizkor service while the physical Scroll of Memory is being revealed in the sanctuary. 

Create one 11”x 8.5” paper with names listed of people you are remembering who have died in years past, which can be made ahead of the service, or you can hold up photos (remove from glass frames to reduce glare) during this part of the service. Together we will create an online quilt of names and images in gallery view on your device. 

2) There will be a Scroll of Memory at the Scottish Rites Center 4th Floor lobby outside the sanctuary – a cloth scroll on which we write the names of beloveds who have died in years past. 

You can write on the scroll during High Holy Day services if you are attending in-person. The Scroll will be unfurled during the Yizkor service in the Kehilla Sanctuary, while the Zoom Quilt of Memory is being created. 

We look forward to sharing in these powerful practices of remembrance together as a community.

No tickets required.

Led by Rabbi Dev Noily, Hazzan Shulamit, Debbie Fier, Julie Nesnansky, Beth Dickinson, Avi Rose, and Ore Ganin-Pinto. Before Yom Kippur ends and the gates of teshuvah swing shut, we gather our strength and courage to delve deeply inward, to pour out our prayers like water, and to raise our voices in song and lift the roof!

There will be a vegetarian (mostly vegan and gluten free) catered break the fast meal available to all immediately following the end of services. 

Zoom participants: For the end of the Ne’ilah, you may like to have a Havdalah candle and grapejuice/wine for making Havdalah, and bread for the hamozti prayer to end the fast day.

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