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Getting More Involved at Kehilla

by Madeleine Adkins

Do you want to get more involved with Kehilla—get to know other Kehilla folks, and contribute—but aren’t sure what your options are? Kehilla thrives because of member involvement. And it has a number of committees, some focused on global issues, some focused on challenges we face here in the Bay Area, some focused on Kehilla’s members, and others focused on keeping Kehilla going as an organization. That means you have lots of options here, depending on your interests. How do you get started?

We’ve been taking steps to make the information members need about Kehilla groups more accessible.

Maya Joshua (our new Programs and Communications Manager) and I are in the process of giving the Kehilla website a boost by updating and reorganizing it to provide you with a clearer overview of the committees and groups you can join. This section includes contact information for each group so you can reach out to the committee chair to get started. (Check out our committee section on our website here.

The Membership Committee has revived the new member brunch. In January, we invited all of our newest members and leaders from all Kehilla’s committees to meet together, introduce themselves, and share information. It was a rousing success, and a chance for newer folks to get a quick overview of how they might want to get more involved.

Once you’ve taken a look at the website, if you still have some general questions about getting more involved at Kehilla—or are just unsure what might be the right match for you, feel free to reach out to any of us on the following list. We’ll be happy to help you figure out what’s right for you.

Madeleine Adkins, Membership Committee Chair:

Michael Saxe-Taller, Executive Director:, or call (510) 547-2424 x101

Maya Joshua, Programs and Communications Manager, or call (510) 547-2424 x106


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