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VIRTUAL: White Folx Decentering Whiteness Affinity Group Mtg.

Wednesday, April 12 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

VIRTUAL: White Folx Decentering Whiteness Affinity Group Mtg.
(formerly Folks with WhitePrivilege)

Please email us for the zoom link: wfdwhitenesscontact@kehillasynagogue.org

Any folks who identify as white, we’d love to have you, whether you’ve ever been to these meetings before or not! We work on de-centering whiteness at Kehilla and in the world — so that Kehilla is a more welcoming synagogue for people of color — and on becoming more aware of our own racism in order to dismantle it. At our meetings, we share feelings, build skills through experiential exercises and discuss actions. We also discuss homework articles and videos, which are encouraged-but-not mandatory, to sharpen our understanding and analysis. These activities help us learn, grow, and build community together, in our work to uproot white supremacy.

Penny Rosenwasser is facilitating this group with tech assistance from Leanne Grossman and Maria Lewis (Susan Schulman has had to step down but is still active in the group.) We generally meet on Wednesday or Thursday evenings in the middle of each month.

Homework for April 12 (should take about 78 minutes –highly encouraged, but not mandatory)

HOMEWORK FOR APRIL (should take you 78 minutes — please email Leanne if you cannot access any of these, and she will help you).

  1.  Audio: Can We Sing ‘Go Down Moses’ at the Seder? With Black queer Rabbi Sandra Lawson, 5/22, Chutzpod (Excerpt 8 min.)  Start 23.28, End 30:51 Or listen to the whole interview! Make sure to also read ‘Go Down Moses’ article below!  Thanks to Chaya Gusfield for sending this.
  2. Video: Art Passport: Celebrate Black ArtHow artist Lhola Amira is making space for rest, 2/23, DeYoung Musuem, (5 min.) Thanks to Leanne for sending this.
  3. Articles:
    1. Rethinking ‘Go Down Moses’ at the Passover Sederby Shekhiynah Larks, 4/22, (6 min.) Thanks to Susan Schulman for sending this.
    2. How Black Women Are Reshaping Afrofuturism, by Jonita Davis, 4/20, Yes! (8 min.)
    3. Wounded Knee and Today’s Fight for Treaty Rights, by Sand Brim, 3/23 (7 min.)
    4. San Francisco Considers $5 Million Reparations Payouts to Eligible Black Adults, by Janie Har, 3/23 (6 min.)
    5. What Does California Owe Descendants of the Enslaved? by Robert Sanders, 2/23, (30 min.) Thanks to Ruthie Levin for sending this.
    6. Five Principles for Making State and Local Reparations Plans Reparative, by Kyle Moore, 2/23, Economic Policy Institute (8 min.)


Wednesday, April 12
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
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