Sustaining Kehilla

In order to sustain the vibrant, welcoming community that is Kehilla, we need to continue and expand our culture of generosity and gratitude.  Since membership dues bring in only 53% of Kehilla’s budget, we rely on your support beyond dues.  Please join us in making Kehilla thrive, and know that we are grateful for all donations.

Support Our Immigration Work

Your donation will provide direct support to immigrant families that are part of our accompaniment program or help Kehilla move towards providing physical sanctuary. Click here to donate now. 

Why We Give

Learn more about the state of Kehilla Synagogue by reading our 2017-2018 Annual Report. You will experience Kehilla’s marvelous 30th Anniversary Celebration, meet new Executive Director Michael Saxe-Taller, and learn more about the many people who sustain the Kehilla community.


Why do we give to Kehilla? Because our kids have grown up in this great community. Because we love our spiritual and musical leaders. Because Kehilla is our home. ”

– Anna and Loel Martin Family


Over the past several years, Kehilla has grown to be our spiritual home and Jewish community. To us, having a physical building where Kehilla members can gather is critical to our present and future. We are so excited to see the sanctuary grow warmer with the beautification of our bimah. This is why we give to Kehilla’s Terumah fund.”

– Tara Cohen & Jessica Flintoft

Kehilla Funds

These funds sustain Kehilla
Kehilla’s commitment to Tikkun Olam (fixing the world) requires nutrients from the community. Giving financially provides those nutritions necessary for the essential work that we do in the world.  Read more about the funds that directly support Kehilla’s mission.


General Fund

Giving to the General Fund to Support Daily Operations will be put to use meeting synagogue needs.

Annual Fund

The annual fund supports the people and programs at Kehilla including holiday programs, staff benefits, adult education and Tikkun Olam projects.

Youth Education Fund

Youth education is at the forefront of programs insuring Kehilla’s future. The Youth Education Fund will enable us to expand our Bar/Bat Mitzvah program and Hebrew school, and continues our tradition of ensuring access through tuition scholarships.

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

This fund is used solely at the discretion of the Rabbi for appropriate purposes, to assist individual, educational and communal needs. A portion of donations to the Rabbis’ Discretionary Fund during the High Holy Days will be donated to an organization chosen by our community’s teens.

Terumah Fund

Our home base gives the freedom to provide more support for our members and the broader community than ever before. Terumah contributions cover building costs above and beyond the annual building assessment that members pay.

Kehilla’s Tax ID / EIN

To request Kehilla’s Federal Tax ID, email with your full name and a brief line on what you’re needing the information for.