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Ditty’s Closet Update – Fall 2015

by the Chesed (Lovingkindness) Committee

Several new items have been “donated” to Ditty’s Closet this past year, including a beautiful, brand-new, large-wheeled wheelchair, for which we are very grateful. Items that are frequently borrowed include:  walkers with brakes and a seat, a shower transfer bench that bridges over a bathtub, an ice machine for post surgical healing, a light-weight transfer wheelchair and commodes that fit over toilets and provide arms to help get on and off the toilet. We also have lots of canes, crutches, shower chairs–common stuff that makes recovery and healing easier.

Ditty’s Closet is Kehilla’s virtual closet with nearly 75 items of wonderful durable medical equipment available for Kehilla members to borrow from other members.  Items are kept at the owner’s home. When you know you need something, or think you might as you prepare for a surgical procedure, just contact the Chesed committee at  and see if we have anything that might help. We will then try to “make a match” and put you in touch with the person/s who has the item/s you need. Hopefully, it will be available and ready for your use.

If you have something to add to the inventory, please contact us as well. Items in high demand that we could use more of: walkers with seats, shower transfer benches,  smaller shower chairs, and surgical-recovery ice machines.

If you have older, lovingly used items you just want to give away (please check with us first), or if you need something we don’t have, you might try ReCares in Oakland, 510-251-2273. Thanks so much!

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