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Ditty’s Closet Q & A: Kehilla’s Medical Equipment Resource

By the Chesed Coordinating Committee

Q: What is Ditty’s Closet?

A: It’s our virtual closet filled with real durable medical equipment. We have over 75 items that are housed in 25 Kehilla households. The equipment is available for loan, for free, to Kehilla members and visiting family members for short term use.

Q: What kind of stuff do we have?

A: Shower chairs, wheelchairs, walkers with seats, canes, crutches, ice machines, commodes, boots, grab bars, knee scooters, toilet seat risers …a lot of stuff.

Q: How do I borrow equipment?

A: You must be a member. Email your need to We will match you up with the member that has what you need, and you work out the details of the loan together.

Q: Do you need more equipment? I have a bunch of stuff.

A: Yes, we could use especially popular items we never have enough of: walkers with seats and brakes; shower transfer benches, canadian crutches, knee scooters, transfer (lightweight) wheelchairs. For now, we don’t need canes or regular crutches, or fold up walkers (with tennis balls) though, thanks. Email with what you’ve got, and we’ll contact you to discuss adding it to our inventory.

Remember, equipment is kept by the owners because we don’t have the facilities to store things. However, before you donate it elsewhere because of lack of space, please check with us …if it’s an item we do not have, we will try and find someone else to squeeze it in somewhere.

With gratitude to everyone who makes providing this resource to our community possible.


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