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Directions to Bort Meadow – Kehilla Retreat

Our Retreat site is Bort Meadow in Anthony Chabot Regional Park. While the main address of the park is in Castro Valley, the part we are using is entered via Redwood Road through the Oakland hills, less than 20 minutes from Kehilla.

From Highway 13, take  the Redwood Road/35th Avenue  exit; go uphill on Redwood Road past Merritt College, to the intersection of  Redwood Road and Skyline. From here continue for 2.4 miles down Redwood Road, going past the stables and the entrance to Redwood Park.  When Redwood Road intersects with Pinehurst, continue right on Redwood for another 1.8 miles. There is a sign for Bort Meadow, with an arrow pointing to the right. (Just below that is another sign with a picture of a tent, and an arrow pointing left, but disregard this sign, as it is trying to direct you to a different camping area at Chabot Park which is past the Bort Meadow entrance!). Keep looking to the right (west) or you may drive right past the entrance.

There are two parking lots for Bort Meadow. The first one at the top of the hill to the right of the gate is for day use parking for the public. The second driveway leads down to a metal bar gate, which admits you to the road down the hill and to the big parking area for our retreat site. At the bottom of the hill the gravel road to the right leads to the turn around where you can off load anything you brought. From there at the Welcome/Registration table you will be directed to retrace your route to the huge field/ parking lot. The far northern end is marked as parking space for those needing to keep the walk to a minimum. The footpath at this far northern end is about a hundred yards to the meadow and the retreat site further on.

The East Bay Regional Parks rangers have made the drop-off turnaround off limits to parked cars.



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