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Torah Iyun / Depth Class - Spring 2024

Taught by: Rabbi Dev Noily
Starting Tues., April 30 – Weekly on Tuesdays from 7:15-9:15pm

Join R’Dev for this four (4) week IN-PERSON only course to learn skills and tools for Torah study, and explore the craft of teaching Torah. This class is a requirement for folks in the Adult B’Mitzvah Program, and is open to all. Participants will have the option to develop a drash/Torah teaching to share as part of our all-night learning space on Shavuot (June 11-12).   LEARN MORE

Exciting New Online Classes with Synagogues Rising

Kehilla is part of a unique national network called Synagogues Rising. Join our partners for these amazing learning opportunities! 

(Re-)Introduction to Israel/Palestine with Jeremy Siegman
Starting Tues., February 20 from 5-6:15pm (PT) for 5 Tuesdays (via Zoom).

This survey of key topics on Israel/Palestine aims to provide some context and progressive-left political education for the current moment. We will briefly touch on questions that include: How has Zionism related to European and U.S. empire, Jewish persecution, and the Palestinians? LEARN MORE

Spiritual Practices for Uncertain Times with Rabbi Miriam Grossman
Starting Wed., March 6 from 5-6:15pm (PT) for 4 Wednesdays (via Zoom).

In times of immense collective upheaval and suffering, what Jewish spiritual tools and practices can help ground us? As we work for collective liberation, what personal practices can help us build a sense of courage and possibility. LEARN MORE

Kehilla offers the Essentials of Judaism course once an academic year, in person only. Judaism 101 is an excellent comparable online course. More info below. 
Judaism 101 with Rabbi Miriam Grossman
Starting Mon., March 11 from 5-6:15pm (PT) for 10 Mondays (NO class the week of 4/22 for Passover)

Together we will explore meaningful, practical, and creative ways to integrate Judaism into our lives. From big concepts like God, Shabbat, and Torah, to tangible experiences like blessing candles, joining in prayer and comforting mourners, we will be increasing our capacity to participate in Judaism as a spiritual and liberatory practice. LEARN MORE

    Exploring Jewish

* Learning * Reflection * Adult Bar/Bat/B’ Mitzvah * Conversion *

If you’ve been thinking about giving your interest in Jewish learning and experience more focused attention, Kehilla would like to encourage, and help support your effort. However you define what “Jewish” experience means to you, there are opportunities to explore and enrich that part of your life. You may have a desire to study toward a bar/bat/b’ mitzvah, a conversion, or an affirmation ceremony, or just to give yourself the gift of deeper personal exploration.

If this intrigues you (“I’m curious” is a sufficient response, more is welcome), write to Rabbi SAM at

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