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Alef Bet & Beyond!

Taught by: Rabbi SAM Luckey

Weekly on Thursday evenings, starting July 6 from 7:30-9pm (PT) via Zoom

Join Rabbi SAM for this ONLINE ONLY four (4)  session course as we learn to decode the alef-bet! We will learn the letters and vowels using fun visual and aural mnemonics. Home practice between classes is highly encouraged.

Whether this is your first encounter with these 22 holy gateways or eighteenth, we will build a foundation for reading sacred Hebrew texts such as Torah, Talmud, and liturgy. This class will prepare you to join a trope class, a 700 Benches talmud class, or other workshops that involve studying Hebrew or Aramaic texts in their original languages. Learn More

700 Benches Beit Midrash: Tikkun Olam

Taught by: Rabbi SAM Luckey
Fairy: Natalie Boskin

IN-PERSON Weekly on Monday evenings, starting July 31 from 6:30-9pm (PT) *5:30-6:30pm Beit Midrash Orientation. (More Info)

Prerequisite: You need to know the Hebrew Alef Bet letters and vowels and be able to sound out Hebrew words. There is an Alef Bet Class in July, more info here.

What is ‘tikkun olam,’ popularly translated as ‘repairing the world’? We will explore this powerful concept by looking at one of the foundational examples of tikkun olam in its rabbinic origin. 

In this 7-week IN-PERSON mixed-level beit midrash (‘study house’), you will learn ancient Jewish texts in their original language, explore Talmud study as a spiritual practice, and co-create a supportive, queer-normative community of study. Learn More

High Holy Days for Rookies (And we are all rookies!)

Taught by: Rabbi SAM Luckey

Weekly on Thursday evenings, starting August 10 from 7:30-9pm (PT) via Zoom

Join Rabbi SAM for this ONLINE ONLY eight (8)  session course as we go from Elul (the month before Rosh Hashanah) through Sukkot (the harvest festival after Yom Kippur) and Simchat Torah (the party for finishing and renewing the Torah reading cycle), Judaism goes big for this annual waterfall of holy times.

  • What is it all about?

Together we will learn about, prepare for, and experience the High Holy Days. This class is especially geared towards people who are newer to this sacred cycle, folks in or interested in the Conversion and Adult B’Mitzvah programs, and folks eager to dive deeper into their Jewish holiday practices.  Learn More

Essentials of Judaism

Taught by: Rabbi Dev Noily

NEXT SERIES IN 2023 – Stay Tuned…

Join Rabbi Dev for course for a deep dive into some of the juiciest parts of Jewish practice and life. This class is required for Conversion and Adult B’Mitzvah students and is open to all. *No one turned away for lack of ability to pay; please pay what you can at registration or $0.

Exploring Jewish

* Learning * Reflection * Adult Bar/Bat/B’ Mitzvah * Conversion *

If you’ve been thinking about giving your interest in Jewish learning and experience more focused attention, Kehilla would like to encourage, and help support your effort. However you define what “Jewish” experience means to you, there are opportunities to explore and enrich that part of your life. You may have a desire to study toward a bar/bat/b’ mitzvah, a conversion, or an affirmation ceremony, or just to give yourself the gift of deeper personal exploration.

If this intrigues you (“I’m curious” is a sufficient response, more is welcome), write to Rabbi SAM at

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