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Chesed Cookbook Project

by the Chesed (Lovingkindness) Committee

CookbookOne of the major ways our Kehilla Community takes care of one another is through….food! Meals are both heart and body warming, enabling us to support one another in both good times and bad.
When members post Chesed requests for help with meals, some people immediately know what to do, what to cook, how to shop. Some may be daunted by special dietary restrictions and have no idea how to properly respond. Others simply don’t cook, although maybe they could if they had a simple enough recipe

Enter: The Kehilla Community Cookbook – Meals for the Heart and Soul

Our idea is to gather the best recipes from our members (and beyond); meals you (and perhaps our kitchen-inept members) can make in a flash, meals you can freeze, meals with limited ingredients, gloriously complex and complete meals, etc.

We’d also be interested to know if there is any special background or story to go with the recipe that you would like to share. For example, explain why it was/is: bubbe’s best; historic family meal; children’s favorite; best tasting; most loved; easiest to freeze, etc.

The cookbook will be designed to be an electronic resource, easily accessed without cost.
So, Join In! If you have a recipe or several you would like to contribute, send it with your name, contact info and, if you like, a little personal story about it, to: by May 31. We hope to have our first cookbook ready before the High Holidays!

With hopes for full and happy tummys,
The Chesed Committee

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