New Beginnings: Challenge and Possibility

Although the days are getting shorter, this time of year is full of new beginnings. A new school year is underway and the new Jewish year is rapidly approaching. I’ve been thinking of another moment of beginning, this one in the Book of Exodus, as our ancient mythic ancestors gathered in the wilderness after their […]

Year End Article 5779

by Rabbi Gray Myrseth In one collection of midrash (rabbinic expansions on biblical verses), the rabbis ask: why was the Torah given in the wilderness? The question had never occured to me before, but once I read it on the page, I also wondered. Why does the God of the exodus story require our mythic […]

Talmud and Transformation: Come Learn with Us

By Rabbi Gray Myrseth During the week of October 15th, Rabbi Dev and I had the honor and privilege of gathering in Chicago as members of the inaugural cohort of SVARA: A Traditionally Radical Yeshiva’s Transformative Talmud Teaching Fellowship. Alongside our teachers and colleagues—including Maggid Jhos Singer of Chochmat HaLev— we learned the following Talmudic […]

Poems about Torah Portions in the book of Exodus

by Rabbi Gray Myrseth I’ve had a practice for almost a decade of writing poems inspired by the weekly Torah portion. My discipline comes and goes—there are years where I write only a few and others where I’ve written one for nearly every parsha. I find that when I am able to follow this practice […]

Kehilla School Family Fun Day on the Farm

Due to staff transitions at Urban Adamah, they are not available to run a spring program for Kehilla School this year. But we still have an opportunity to farm together!! Join Natalie and Rabbi Gray on Sunday, February 18 from 10am-12pm at Urban Adamah (1151 Sixth Street in Berkeley). $5 per person or $20 per family. Students, siblings, […]

Deep Dreams and Sacred Teachers

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by Rabbi Gray Myrseth As I write this, we stand at the beginning of the Jewish month of Kislev. Etymologies of the month’s name vary, but the word Kislev seems to have to do with rain or hope or constellations. In this time of drought in our state and turbulence in our nation, I’m confident […]

A Message from Kehilla School’s Director

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by Rabbi Gray Myrseth This past Shabbat morning, I had the honor of addressing our community with a few words of Torah. I wanted to share a few excerpts from my davar, with the hope that we will enter this new year with a renewed capacity to nurture justice and liberation in all its forms. […]