On Peter Beinart and the One-State Issue

By Rabbi David Cooper   One of the hot topics of discussion about Israel/Palestine in the last few weeks has been two essays by Peter Beinart about his turn to […]

A Land of Many Nations

See below for a PDF file with Texts on the Non-exclusivity of the land, equal rights of the non-Jew, and texts on the provision of the land as contingent, assembled […]

Song Supplement and Links / Resources from the Kehilla 2020 Online Seder

Links for the Kehilla Seder THE KEHILLA HAGGADAH https://staging5.kehillasynagogue.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Home-Haggadah-2013-Heb-Eng.pdf   ACORN ON THE SEDER PLATE https://staging5.kehillasynagogue.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/An-Acorn-on-the-Seder-Plate-5780.pdf   SOGOREA TÉ LAND TRUST https://sogoreate-landtrust.com/shuumi-land-tax/   COMMUNITY SUPPORT FUND FOR LOCAL INDIGENOUS https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/community-support-fund […]

Passover: The Quintessential Kehilla Holiday

by Rabbi David J. Cooper Between our Kehilla’s Annual Community Seder, our on-line downloadable Haggadah, Kehilla takes Passover seriously and provides the means to make it meaningful and accessible to […]

The Kehilla Trip to Israel/Palestine?

by Rabbi David J. Cooper For well more than a decade there has been some discussion about a trip to Israel/Palestine that could uniquely reflect Kehilla’s values and the variety […]

Tips for Using the Kehilla Home Seder

Tips for Using the Kehilla Home Seder HOW TO HAVE A SURPRISING SEDER USING THIS HAGGADAH Can you have a seder where no one person, no leader, knows exactly its […]

Me and the High Holy Days

A Note from Rabbi David How unusual. I’m writing from an August vacation. Maybe that doesn’t seem unusual to you, but I haven’t had an August vacation in more than […]

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