Middle East Peace Committee News: A New Collaboration

by Nikki Sachs, MEPC member     The Middle East Peace Committee (MEPC) at Kehilla Community Synagogue, is pleased to announce a new collaboration with the Center for Jewish Nonviolence.  Let me tell you about this creative and exciting organization. The CJNV’s mission is to bring diaspora Jews to Israel/Palestine to “engage in creative nonviolent […]

How Was The Values Statement Developed?

   by Rabbi David J. Cooper The Kehilla Statement of Values on Israel/ Palestine  was passed by the Kehilla Board of Trustees in September. That Board resolution was only the last stage of a long process. It was in the making for several years and has involved many educational gatherings, surveys of the community, open […]

Kehilla Statement of Values on Israel/Palestine

“That which is hateful to you, do not do to another” Hillel, Babylonian Talmud Shabbat 31a “You shall not oppress the stranger, and you know the heart of a stranger because you were strangers in the land of Mitzrayim”  Exodus 23:9 “Zion shall be redeemed by justice…”  Isaiah 1:27 From its inception, and in our statements […]

A Note on the Israel/Palestine Values Survey

by Rabbi David J. Cooper Last month we sent out to every member household a survey to determine support for a statement of values on Israel/Palestine. One could indicate where one stood on a spectrum from very much disagreeing to strong agreement (scale of 1 to 5). As of this writing, 141 responses have been received. […]

Kehilla Partners With the Center for Jewish Non-Violence

by Rabbi Burt Jacobson For almost three decades, Kehilla’s Middle East Peace Committee has focused on educating our congregation about issues related to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. We plan to continue to engage in this vital work, and recently we launched a new project that will allow our congregation to have a supportive relationship with a […]

Mourning the Dream on Tisha B-Av: The Holiday of Lamentations

 Saturday, August 13, 6:30pm by Rabbi David J. Cooper & Rabbi Burt Jacobson During the last years, especially during the Netanyahu administration, big steps have been taken that are increasingly making an independent Palestinian state less and less possible. That failure can mean many more years of suffering and an absence of justice for Palestinians. […]

Responding to Heightened Violence in Israel/Palestine

The escalating fear and violence in Israel/Palestine are weighing heavily on many of us as we witness a new and frightening reality unfolding in response to decades of Occupation. Kehilla’s Middle East Peace Committee is planning a compassionate listening session for November, date TBA, where people can reflect, and discuss our responses to the violence […]

Some Reflections in the Wake of the Israeli Elections

by Rabbi David J. Cooper I write this the morning after the Israeli elections. Some part of me felt that, to some degree, it wouldn’t make much of a difference whether Herzog and Livni won, or whether Netanyahu won (except for the schadenfreude I hoped to experience on Netanyahu’s defeat). But now in the wake […]

Frustration, Anger, Compassion, and Action in A Time of Polarization

by Rabbi David J. Cooper     A Note Before My Article: I wrote an initial draft of the following article and circulated it to some folks a few days ago. I received a lot of feedback, but what struck me was that some people perceived that I was taking some sort of in-between position that […]

My Current Thoughts Toward a Kehilla Resolution on the Occupation: Forum scheduled for Sunday, June 1

 by Rabbi David J. Cooper        Sometime during 2014, probably in the Fall, the Middle East Peace Committee is going to propose that Kehilla take an enunciated position in regard to the Israeli control of Palestinian lands captured during the Six-Day War in 1967. For over 25 years, Kehilla’s positions about the land between the […]