Interfaith Coalition For Justice in Our Jails (ICJJ) Publishes Newsletter Issue No. 2 | July 2021

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Through its Economic Justice Committee, Kehilla helped initiate the Interfaith Coalition for Justice in our Jails (ICJJ), and with ICJJ has pursued several important changes to Alameda County policies and […]

A Shavuot Message: from Thanksgiving to Justice through Helping the Unsheltered

In Leviticus 23 immediately following the instructions for offering the first fruits at Shavuot is a reminder that in gathering our harvest we must leave some food available for those […]

Let Oakland’s City Council Know that Housing Is a Human Right

The Homeless Action Committee in conjunction with Love and Justice in the Streets is asking that you utilize the following information to advocate with Oakland City Council members. Council members […]

Volunteer Opportunities at the Tiny House Empowerment Village

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From Jilly de la Torre, Project Coordinator at Youth Spirit Artworks: We are starting up our builds again! Yay! We will be continuing to build every Saturday going forward. Please feel free to […]

“Work From Home: Well That’s Fun” — a comedy fundraiser for Love and Justice in the Streets

If you attended our forum, Homelessness: A Jewish Call to Action, you heard about the amazing work of Love and Justice in the Streets for the homeless of Oakland.  The […]

“Move-In” Day at the YSA Tiny House Village

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The residents will move in this week, but work continues on the weekends, as a few tiny houses are still unfinished and other projects continue.  Click HERE for the latest […]

Homelessness: A Jewish Call to Action – Tuesday, February 2, 7pm – 8:30pm

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Thousands of unsheltered people live in Oakland. Many are crowded into unsafe and unsanitary encampments from which they may be evicted as a result of the City’s new policies. 70% […]

Youth Spirit Artworks – Tiny House Village at the Oakland Coliseum

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Kehilla volunteers have worked hard over the past year to help turn the dream of Tiny Houses for homeless youth into a reality, and it’s almost move-in time at the […]

Kehilla Adds Its Voice to Humanely Support Unhoused People

Homelessness is a class and racial justice issue. 70% of the homeless individuals in Oakland are black and 38% report having at least one disabling condition.  On October 20, 2020, […]

The City of Oakland wants to criminalize homelessness

The Life Enrichment Committee of the Oakland City Council has proposed “Encampment Management Policy” that will effectively criminalize homelessness in Oakland, leaving 10,000 residents with no place to go  Here’s […]