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Building Committee Recruitment

by Ruth Atkin

Our building, our mishkan, is a very special place.  Within its walls we are able to hold school, services, adult education classes and so much more.  Our congregation has deepened and grown tremendously since we acquired 1300 Grand Avenue.

Our congregational home is in need of repairs, maintenance, and improvements. Since I joined the board I would like to (re-)convene a building committee to shepherd and advise the congregation as a whole around these repairs, maintenance, and improvements. We are looking for people who have ever managed a home remodel, architects, people who may be DIYers (do-it-yourself), people with an artistic sense to advise about various desired improvements and others who simply want to see our collective home in as good shape as possible.

If you are interested in serving on the committee, please contact Ruth Atkin at or 915-0167.

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