W H A T   T O   B R I N G


  • Reusable Water bottles (one per person, we can refill them on site)
  • Easy to set up shade to share/umbrellas
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Scent-free Sunscreen (available at health food stores)
  • Folding chairs, cushions, anything to make you comfortable (to supplement the seating we truck in)
  • Flashlights if staying past dusk
  • Clothing for hot and cool—mornings & evenings can be foggy, especially if you stay for the campfire. Typically Bort Meadow gets less fog and a little more sun and warmth than the Oakland side of the hills.
  • Bug repellant (we recommend this one for low environmental impact and health-friendliness. Please apply somewhere away from the center of camp)
  • Note: Phone reception in the meadow is undependable. Coverage seems okay in the upper parking lot before the gate, but consistent cell phone reception cannot be expected.
  • Please do NOT bring alcohol or dogs. Alcohol is not allowed in the park and Kehilla’s policy is that only service dogs are allowed in the retreat area. Thank you!
  • There are various rules about where to park your car (drop off spots versus long-term parking), so please be alert for the signs, and thanks in advance for your gracious compliance!
  • FOR ALL ITEMS, please label your belongings, so we can make sure everything returns home safe and sound!


  • Special props, instruments, or costumes you might want for the talent show!
  • Your own utensils for meals (we’ll bring compostables but if you want to bring re-useables we encourage you to)
  • Cameras
  • Games and cards
  • Long pants to avoid poison oak, if venturing into the bushes at the edges of the site.