Counting the Omer: Hod

Hod holds many attributes, often described as splendor, majesty, glory, grandeur, vigor, and more. Last year, my friend Rabbi Ezra Weinberg wrote about the aspect of hod that has to […]

Talking to our Kids About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – A Message and Invitation from Rabbi Dev

How do we talk to our kids about Israel/Palestine?  One of the most challenging things I face as a rabbi, an educator and a parent is finding developmentally appropriate ways […]

Rabbi David’s Letter to Kitah Hey & Kitah Vav for Yom Shalom / Youm Salaam

R. David Letter 2012 Atzmaut Nakba Celebration & Tragedy, Atzma’ut and Nakbafrom Rabbi David Dear Kittah Hey and Kittah Vav, I am writing you a letter about Israel and Palestine […]