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Israel, Palestine, and the Ba’al Shem Tov

Jump to Rabbi Burt Jacobson’s Writing Introduction by Rabbi David J. Cooper A Radical Synagogue? I first became acquainted with Rabbi Burt Jacobson in the early 1980’s when he was […]

Science, Spirituality, and Judaism, Part 2

by Rabbi Burt Jacobson God and the Big Bang Kabbalah is the central tradition of Jewish mysticism that developed and deeply affected Judaism from the twelfth through the eighteenth centuries. […]

Science, Spirituality, and Judaism, Part 1

by Rabbi Burt Jacobson Science and Psychedelic Experience The field of science was of little interest to me while I was growing up. And because of my dyslexia I was […]

A Time of Hope?

by Rabbi Burt Jacobson  Throughout the history of Jewish thought human beings have been deemed the very pinnacle of creation. The first chapter of the book of Genesis declares that […]

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