Banner Drop Day of Action

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On October 6th, the Kehilla Immigration Committee participated in a statewide action to protest the 68 deaths from COVID that have already occurred in California’s jails, prisons and ICE detention centers and demand that Governor Newsom use his authority to prevent the further unnecessary outbreaks and deaths. Faith communities and many organizations displayed banners and […]

An Invitation to Leadership

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This is an invitation: to step up as a leader in your community. We need you now more than ever. For some, leadership is service; for some, leadership is a form of spiritual practice. Kehilla is our home, our place of worship and learning, the place and the people we go to in times of […]

Sanctuary Task Force Update

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The Sanctuary Task Force was prepared to welcome a new guest at Kehilla this week, but, sadly, the cruel system which funnels immigrants who earn parole from prison directly to ICE detention prevented this from happening.  Patricia Waller, a lawful permanent resident who was originally from Belize and who is a survivor of many years […]

Kehilla Says Vote No on Proposition 20

On September 9, 85 people gathered virtually for a “Votinar” to hear why Kehilla’s Economic Justice Committee, Bend the Arc Jewish Action, Faith in Action East Bay, Netivot Shalom, Plymouth Congregational (Jazz & Justice) Church, the Alameda County Public Health Commission, and other congregations are urging Californians to vote No on Proposition 20, the Prison Spending Scam.  If it passes, […]

A Refresher on Articles From Kehilla’s Board

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Here’s a refresher of articles for everyone who is interested in learning more about Kehilla’s Board. November 2019: Greeting our community every day December 2019: Kehilla Board Service Myths and Facts January 2020: Lisa’s Kol Nidre Speech (October 8, 2019) February 2020: How Best for Kehilla’s Board to Communicate with Members? March 2020: A Community […]

A Note from the Board in this Time of Challenge

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We have a remarkable community that always steps up in extraordinary ways.  The board had the opportunity to step up first when Michael Saxe-Taller, our beloved ED, went out on medical leave, and then with the attack of the corona virus.  We worked in partnership with Rabbi Dev, Hazzan Shulamit, Rabbi Gray, Natalie, Maya, Dee […]

Lisa’s Kol Nidre Speech (October 8, 2019)

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Kehilla board member, Lisa Korwin, spoke about her relationship to Kehilla at Kol Nidre services this year. We’re choosing to print her talk here to support each of us in thinking deeply about what Kehilla means to each of us.  Hello. My name is Lisa Korwin and it is an honor to be up here […]

Kehilla Board Service Myths and Facts

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This was originally published December 2019   1) Myth: Being on the Board will be too time-consuming. Truth: You will be expected to attend Board meetings regularly 1x/month for 2-3 hours, and to contact the chair/co-chair if you’re not able to attend.You will also be asked to serve on at least one Board committee that […]

Greeting Our Community Everyday

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This originally appeared in November 2019 That feeling when we walk up the steps of the Scottish Right Center or to Kehilla at the High Holidays – being greeted on the steps, inside the doors, at the entrance of the sanctuary…. Being handed a siddur by someone who smiles at you and says l’shana tova….  […]

On Peter Beinart and the One-State Issue

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By Rabbi David Cooper   One of the hot topics of discussion about Israel/Palestine in the last few weeks has been two essays by Peter Beinart about his turn to a one-state solution in regard to the impasse toward any resolution. The shorter of the two essays is in the New York Times of July […]