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Apps and Websites for Hebrew for Meaning

Hebrew Flashcards

A really good app for leaning/reviewing fundamentals of decoding Hebrew for beginners.

Be sure to choose the app that is blue with baby blocks and with the letters aleph and bet and the words “never Seattle LLC”

It’s self explanatory.

If you do this half the time you play “words with friends” you’ll learn your aleph –bet.

Best phone app for Tanach on your iPhone

Chai (in Hebrew) – loaded with lots of great study tools.

Websites:   So many options so little time. It you want to use this and need some orientation call me up.  This is a great site to just shop around in. Fascinating for Hebrew lovers. I just found this and haven’t explored it, but it looks like the real deal.

Anki:  A great and flashcard online. You can find the aleph-bet and easy biblical vocabulary flashcards

You can even easily make your own flashcards with a Hebrew font and a bit of start up energy but if you like using your computer to learn this is GOOD.


Best I’ve found so far is:

The First Hebrew Primer (and answer booklet) published by EKS:   Boring, but you can supplement it with prayers and songs you love as you learn

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