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Apps and Website for Hebrew Beginners

For beginners:


A really good app for leaning fundamentals of decoding Hebrew for beginners.

google Hebrew Flashcards and choose the blue one with baby blocks with the letters aleph and bet and the words “never Seattle LLC”

It’s pretty self explanatory.

If you do this half the time you play “words with friends” you’ll learn your aleph –bet.

This is Debbie Friedman singing the Aleph Bet Song with the letters showing on the screen. You can pause as you wish to really see the way each letter is shaped.

This is a very functional site with lots of exercises and immediate feedback. Good for those who don’t mind a drill in order to learn.

Sometimes it asks for a user name etc and sometimes not.  It is not difficult to sign up with your own username and password. They have never contacted me for anything.

There is a TOC (table of contents) from right to left. Choose one of the letters and a workpage will come up.

Let the little man read you a line and then you can select any word on the page and he’ll read it for you. The little man annoyingly insists on reading to you when you first open a lesson. Patience – he then waits to be helpful.

This is another programmed instruction site that has printable  exercises to help you learn. Has some games with answer sheets. Choose from print lesson. I couldn’t make it give me sound feedback easily even though I downloaded real player, Maybe ’cause I have a Mac.

Another song introduction the Aleph Bet – cute and instructional!1228/v27

Chabad has a chart and pronounces each letter for you – choose “Sefard” for pronounciation

Caveats: the pronunciation of the names of 2 letters is Ashkenazi – Bet sounds like Bais –  and Tav is sounded as Taf and also Saf — really no big deal

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