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Another Way to Support Nueva Esperanza Accompaniment Teams

by Karen Rachels and Julie Litwin, Immigration Committee

Over the past two years, Kehilla members, in conjunction with the organization Nueva Esperanza, have formed four accompaniment teams that provide welcome and ongoing support to families and youth who have recently arrived from Central America. Over twenty Kehilla members and friends have joined teams and assisted five immigrant families in the transition to their new lives in the East Bay.

Still other Kehilla members have generously supported the teams and families by providing housing and donating clothing and other needed items and money. In 2016, more than $2800 was raised through contributions from Kehilla members and others. This money was used for emergency food and supplies, clothing, temporary housing support, transportation, legal filing fees, etc. It has been a vital cushion for the teams as they support their families struggling to adjust to the move here or changes in their circumstances.

One team member recently asked birthday guests to donate to the teams in lieu of giving gifts. If such an approach appeals to you, consider trying it yourself.  Ask friends to honor you by making a contribution for an occasion such as your birthday, wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah by writing a check to Kehilla with “NEAT teams” in the memo line. Another option is for your guests to donate to our online fundraiser, which specifically helps with utility costs and housing for newcomers who are being served by Nueva Esperanza. You can donate at this link:

     If you’d like to learn more about the accompaniment teams and how to participate or provide support, come to a workshop sponsored by the Kehilla Immigration Committee on February 19th from 4-6pm in the Fireside Room.

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