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An Invitation from Bracha Stone: Decoding Hebrew

I will be beginning the second phase of my De-coding Hebrew class in January.

The dates are Jan. 6th, 13th, 20th and and 27th’, Feb. 3rd and 10th. We will meet for 5 of these 6 dates (and you only pay for 5), from 10:30am-12 noon.

You are invited to join us if you have already taken any class with me and want to pick it up again; or if you have a smidgen (or more) of Hebrew already. (We will be at Chapter 5 in Lashon HaKodesh – more or less.)

I invite you to call or text me if you need advice or encouragement. You are also invited to attend an open house study hall on January 9th at 12:30 to confer with me in person. Contact me to rsvp and for the address (510) 703-2220 or

Here are some things I want you to know as you consider learning (or relearning) Hebrew with me.

We are not in a race;

 we are not aiming to become Hebrew scholars;

we are not competing with each other or our younger selves.

Rather, we understand that we learn better in company and with guidance;

we learn better with a study partner (chavruta);

we learn because it is gratifying to know more today than we did yesterday;

we learn because it is gratifying to become more familiar with our language, our sounds, our roots (double entendre intended).

Hebrew language springs from the deepest of wells, each letter, an entity with something practical and something mystical to teach us. We need only scratch the surface (the letter Bet makes a b sound) and you’ve accessed a part of your past and your connection to the way our prayers, our psalms, our yearnings are expressed.

It makes no sense to feel as if you need to prepare yourself to dive into this pool — Just ask your heart.

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